Hi there. My name is Rodolfo Biglié. Welcome to Creatorica, the virtual landscape I developed to house and showcase all the things that reflect who I am as a creative professional. In Creatorica you’ll find ideas and fully realized projects that sprang from my own mind (and that I’m very proud of), as well as information and references from around the world that serve to motivate and inspire me. I hope you enjoy your visit to Creatorica as much as I enjoyed creating it.

    I may be the sole citizen (and mayor) of Creatoria, but first and foremost I am a designer, who, since 1995 has lived and worked in Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

    My approach to design is focused on deeply analyzing and understanding the problems and needs of any given project, then executing in a way that strategically, logically, functionally, and visually delivers the desired results.

    In my career I’ve designed everything from t-shirts to the interiors of thematic pubs. Since 2000 I’ve concentrated almost exclusively in the digital / interactive arena and would like to offer my services as a Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Digital Strategist to any company or agency that’s looking for a strong freelance partner who’s committed to finding innovative and effective solutions for their projects.

    Thanks for visiting Creatorica. Please come again soon. 

    Corel, Vodafone, Czech Airline, Momads, Truvo, Beefbrothers, Cyberfox, Ogilvy, Mather, Rimmel, PPF, Tigo, Direct, Microsoft, CEZ, Oysho, OKD, Mentos, Budweiser, Hame, Centrum.cz, O2, Deloitte, Nokia, Kraft Food, Avril Lavigne, IBM, Oracle and The Czech National Theatre are some of the clients for whom I made design solutions , strategy and marketing.