Forbidden Rose 2013 app

I had the honour to work in an amazing team for Avril Lavigne Fragrances, at 2009. We created a really complex site full of features enhancing a unique user experience.

I was in charge of the design, illustrations and I worked in the logic, strategy and structure of the site and game. 

The purpose of the game is to move thru different mystical gardens, seeking for hidden treasures and the special Forbidden Rose. In each level are gifts and surprises to discover for every player.

The designs your see here are a tuned up of the designs done in 2009. I though it would be nice to see the project adapted into an app. The site, at that time, had a game, an shop online and it was launched in 17 countries and several languages at the same time.

Splash screen 

Products and eshop

About the “Forbidden Rose” Fragrance

Forbidden Rose is a sparkling fusion of fruity, floral and woody notes that blend together to create a spirited composition.With notions of both fantasy as well as fearlessness, Forbidden Rose comes to life, like a fairytale, with a captivating introduction, a romantic heart and a warm and happy ending.

International recording artist Avril Lavigne introduces her second fragrance, Forbidden Rose. Capturing both Avril’s curiosity and edgy appeal, Forbidden Rose is a unique fragrance that dares girls to live by their own rules. While Avril’s first scent, Black Star, was about reaching for the stars and being your own star, Forbidden Rose challenges girls to be bold and push boundaries. finding excitement in a world of no restrictions. Forbidden Rose explores the infinite possibilities that girls can discover, if they dare.

Menu where is possible to see the points on the game, the level and the time played

Details of some of the game environments I created for the game