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Instagram Rating Platform

Web, App & Branding Design

    #Ratemygram Web & App Design

    Ratemygram is a platform to rate instagram photos. You just have to tag your photos in Instagram with #ratemygram tag, and your image will be shown and rated by thousand of people.
    If you wish to participate in any subcategories, you also need to add a another hashtag of that subcategory. 

    I was in charged of the design of the website, app, icon and branding design. 

    The idea behind the art direction was to bring a touch of retro mixed with a clean style. The color palette was based on instagram palette, to show a connection with the platform.

    Ratemygram Instagram App

    Main screen of #Ratemygram App, after voting a photo. In this case the rated photo was not choosen by most of the people.

    The site has several features:

    • Share your rates on Facebook,
    • Skip a round if you have can't choose which photo is the best one
    • Top 10 photos list daily & overall
    • User search
    • Hashtag filter 

    Ratemygram HP

    #Ratemygram home page. www.ratemygram.com 

    Details of the ribbons

    Details of the ribbons. Red ribbon will be displayed in case the photo you choosed does not agree with most of the people. The green one is displayed when the choice agrees with most of the people.

    iTunes App

    The #Ratemygram app in Itunes App Store

    The development of the site and app was in Cyberfox hands.

    Download the app here.
    Visit the site: www.ratemygram.com

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