The Heating Up!

The Heating Up!

iPhone App

Concept, Art Direction & App Design

    The Heating Up!

    Chill out, sure, but never get cold feet. Heating up! is an application that keeps you warm and fuzzy even if the hell is freezing over  solely with the power of your phone.  

    You can decide just how hot you want to be.  And don’t worry, the app will never fry your phone, even if things get a little steamy.  So, Heat up! and never be left out in the cold again.  

    The application simply works up your phone so that the device heats up.  However, it is absolutely safe so there is no need to worry about burning the cords or destroing the processor. You can even decide on the amount of power you are willing to use, so your phone doesn't suddenly run out of battery.  

    I created the concept, art direction and designs.

    Icon app

    Details and sizes of the icon app

    App screens

    Main screens of the app. In settings you can control the amount of battery you want to use to heat. The heat weave and amount of time. You can also set the amount of heat with you finger, in the 3rd screen

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